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March 17, 2006

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This web site is a record of Margarita's  circumnavigation from 1997-2002.  We spent 5+ years getting her ready for the voyage, and another 5 years perfecting her gear during the voyage.  Margarita has been sold and is being readied for another voyage.
Click here for general features of  the boat


to Margarita on the world wide web.  It has been a long family adventure (the voyage and the www site creation).  Have a poke around and see what we were up to on our five year trip around the world.  Maybe you will better understand what we mean when we say "this is not a vacation".  It is not just gin and tonics in the cockpit watching the sun go down. Go to the routes page to access different locations and the photos and reports, or go to the other page where you can look at just photos.  Have fun and let us know what you think via email

Some suggestions on where to start:

  • Routes -Pick a region on the map and follow along with photos and reports.

  • Easter Island drama - no photos, but a story that might make you glad you stayed home!  The reason that we can only order a "margarita on the rocks" in a hushed tone.

  • Strait of Malacca - Our introduction to the fears and realities of piracy

  • A day in the life. . . - We try to show you a normal day

  • Photo gallery - lots of them, click on one to make it full size

       a Click here for :  The last email by Douglas


The Route

- A map of the route, list of places, photos, reports, all the details are here



Specifications and details of our home.



The Margaritas

Formerly known as the Stanfords. The permanent crew of five.


Other Stuff

A day in the life. . .; friends; favorite food; frequently asked questions; lots of photos.


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